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RTS hard news story of the year 2005

In 2005, I was employed by ITV News to film a debate in the village of Badminton, Gloucestershire, on the eve of the fox hunting ban. The idea was for the MP Dan Norris to debate live on air with a representative from the Countryside Alliance.

The debate never happened because, seconds before we went live, the crowd watching turned and began to pelt Dan Norris with eggs, cream and flour. The live feed was terminated, but I disconnected the camera from the live satellite truck and filmed the whole event.

I was commended for filming the event, going beyond the call of duty by filming in a potentially dangerous situation.


RTS regional cameraman nominee 2006

In 2006, I was nominated for camera operator of the year for the RTS Southwest awards. I was shortlisted with two other cameramen.

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